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I am an Artist of many forms, mainly working in glass and ceramics. I also work in Jewelry and Metalsmithing as well as oil and acrylic painting and digital arts.  I love working with found items and I reuse and recycle as often as possible.  I have studied Jewelry & Metalsmithing as well as Ceramics at Eastern Michigan University. I have also taken classes at London Clay Art Centre in London, Ontario.   I find inspiration in so many things.  I love nature and find much inspiration there.  I also like simplicity as well as an organic look at times.  I absolutely love colour and use it frequently as you can see in my fused glass pendants.  I also have a love for small things so much of my work is in tiny form.  My grandma used to always say the best things come in small packages (refering to me being 4 ft 11) but she's totally right.  I love making tiny pottery and jewelry and tiny paintings so much.  I will work on larger pieces from time to time as well but my main focus is on tiny pieces. My faith also inspires me in my art work and my artwork serves as a ministry as well, as the gift giver in me gives many away to bless others.  I also donate to many fundraisers that I support.

I also hold classes and workshops as well as host jewelry parties as well as Young Living parties!

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Support my #OneBraveNight Challange by purchasing a fused glass semi colon pendant and show your support and spread awareness of mental health with these wearable pieces of art.  Do your part to help end the stigma!